How To Find Out Stocks For Intraday Trading?

Intraday Trading stock selection

In the fast-paced world of finance, Intraday Trading has emerged as an exciting way to capitalize on short-term market fluctuations. One of the keys to success in this endeavor is the art of choosing the right stocks. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of Intraday Trading stock selection, benefits of stock market courses and provide insights that can benefit both novice and experienced traders.

Intraday trading, also called day trading, is the buying and selling of financial instruments within the same trading day. This method is absolutely about making the most of small price movements to generate gains.

How To Identify Stocks For Intraday Trading

Selecting the right stocks for Intraday Trading is a critical component of achieving success in this endeavor. The stocks you choose can significantly influence your profitability and risk management strategies. Below is a guidline to choosing the right stock. 

  1. Checking out for High Volume Stocks

When it comes to Intraday Trading, high volume is your ally. Stocks with substantial trading activity provide ample opportunities for quick buy-sell transactions. These stocks tend to show larger price movements within a single trading day.

  1. Setting Up Customized Screener Criteria

Think of stock screeners as your personal shopping assistants. These tools help filter stocks based on criteria like price range, volume, and market capitalization. These stocks tend to show larger price movements within a single trading day.

  1. Applying Technical Indicators for Stock Selection

Technical indicators are like road signs guiding your trading journey. Well known indicators include Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Averages. By analyzing these indicators, you can gauge potential price movements and make knowledgeable decisions.

  1. Narrowing Down the List for Optimal Choices

With a multitude of stocks available, it’s essential to focus on quality over quantity. Analyze the stocks that meet your criteria closely. Look for patterns, tendencies, and probable triggers that align with your trading technique.

Intraday Trading Strategies

  • Scalping: Quick Profits from Small Price Movements

Scalping is like grabbing quick snacks at a buffet. Traders execute multiple trades throughout the day, capitalizing on tiny price movements. It requires speed, discipline, and a keen eye on market trends.

  • Momentum Trading

Traders identify stocks with strong price trends and jump on board, aiming to ride the momentum for maximum gains.

  • Breakout Trading: Capitalizing on Price Breaks

As a trader, watch out for stocks that breach key price levels, indicating potential significant price movements.


  • Gap Trading: Using Opening Price Gaps

Traders take note of gaps between yesterday’s closing price and today’s opening price. Depending on the type of gap, they enter trades with specific strategies.

Advantage of Enrolling in a Stock Market Course

Building a Diversified Portfolio

Education is important. Enrolling in a stock market course equips you with in-depth knowledge, strategies, and insights from experts. It’s a shortcut to accelerating your trading prowess. Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Strategy Formulation Courses cover a wide array of topics essential for success. You’ll delve into risk management techniques, technical analysis tools, and developing profitable trading plans that fit your personality.

Technical Analysis Basics in Kolkata
Kolkata is a center for education. Traders of any category can benefit from expert knowledge on technical Analysis. Technical analysis seminars give you practical learning opportunities that will help you understand this subject better. Kolkata offers lessons for traders at all talent levels, from novices to professionals. These courses provide useful information, perceptions as well as an opportunity to network with other traders.

Technical Analysis Institute


In the world of Intraday Trading, it is crucial to study and master stock selection process. By employing technical indicators, scanning high-volume stocks, and honing your trading strategies, you will be well on your way to success. Knowledge is your greatest ally. Whether through technical analysis workshops or a stock market course, you can trade better when you learn. So keep practicing, keep learning, and let your journey to trading success continue!

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