Career Opportunities After Certified Stock Market Courses

With more and more public participation in the Indian growth story, the non-banking financial sector is bound to grow even faster than it is already growing. With the rapid growth it is seeing, there will be a significant demand for professionals in this sector. However one has to remember that capital markets are much more than picking stocks and making big money. It is a diverse, multifaceted field, and people willing to enter it must brace themselves for a highly challenging, and gratifying career! Share Trading Class, a share market training institute in Kolkata is an exceptional place to brace one’s career in stock market trading. If you are looking to make a career in the stock market then there are plenty of opportunities you must consider. The following are some of the best career options available for those wishing to make a gratifying career in the stock market.

Research Analyst
The prime duty of these professionals is to accumulate data for the company and it’s competitors. Analysts interpret the data to offer valuable insights to their clients. In the stock exchange, a research analyst researches the company’s past performance and help the client make good investment decisions. The research analyst uses their expertise to review market data, demand supply, FII DII activities and enhance curated financial strategies to navigate in the stock market.

As a dealer, you would be responsible for buying, holding, and selling shares and equity on the stock market.

career opportunities after completing share market trading course

Dealers try to procure the stock before the demand surges. At the same time, they also sell them to potentially interested buyers at a higher price. These dealers trade on their own or clients accounts and make their financial gains. As a fresher, you can start your career as an equity advisor, relationship manager, dealer, sales agent etc.

Investment Consultant
Another great career option can be as an investment consultant. In this profession, you would require to use your expertise and knowledge of the market and equity trends to make better investment decisions. As a consultant, you would share your knowledge and experience with the clients and help them to trade the stock market. You will guide your clients on stock performance, companies’ current and past performance, prevailing prices, etc. These professionals provide the client with complete knowledge of the market trend and the consequence of their investment decisions.

Technical Analysis training for stock market

Fundamental Analyst
The fundamental analysts perform holistic research on the stock, company, and market to identify the inherent risks and value allied with transactions. These experts analyze the range of factors to generate insights on financial health, overall capital, growth potential, profit margins, and return on equity (ROE). Fundamentals depends on many inputs like company’s revenue, profit/ loss, assets, liabilities, growth plan, competition,  R&D plan, employee’s Satisfaction, management, product demand, various policies, quality, etc. Many of these having subjective interpretation and difficult to find buy/sell decision. Qualifications such as MBA Finance, CFACAFRM and CFP can add more credibility to your candidature.

Technical Analyst
If you like dealing with data, then you can get into a profession like a technical analyst. This profile falls under a professional statistician that estimates all trading and investment decisions by thoroughly studying chart, price actions, technical indicators and market data patterns. By understanding the ups and downs of the market, these professionals use raw price volume data and accept the role of an advisor to their clients. In this profession, you get an opportunity to use technical tools to study the trend analysis, market sentiment, price breakout, supply and demand, trading strategy through support and resistance and more.

To start a career in Technical Analyst, one need to have sound understanding about the subject.  Join our structured trading course that teaches the essentials of smart money management including price action trading, capital allocation, hedging, investing and risk management. Share Trading Class has created 30 chapters and 5 advanced modules to learn Technical Analysis Kolkata to provide complete theoretical and practical offline Technical Analysis course by 18+ years experienced stock market qualified professionals. Grab your chance to explore how share market works, learn how to find profitable stocks, and deep understanding of technical analysis to trade successfully in the share market.


A career in the stock market consists of potential benefits and underlying risks as well. Stock market is unpredictable and volatile businesses. Thus to perform and sustain well, Share Trading Class offers a complete certified course that opens the gates of success.

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