5 Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners That Still Work

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Adopting successful tactics that give new traders a solid basis for navigating the intricate currency markets is essential for those just starting Forex trading. Determining which trading techniques and approaches are most suitable for novices might be difficult, given the abundance of options available. You can also take the share market technical analysis course in Kolkata.
This article attempts to make trading easier for readers by presenting five essential Forex trading methods. These strategies were created with beginners in mind to give them the confidence and clarity they need to begin trading.

Top 5 Trading Strategies for Beginners

Breakout Trading Strategy
Here are some of the top trading strategies for beginners that still work:

Breakout Trading Strategy

Breakout trading strategy is quite popular among beginners trades because it allows them to enter a position at the mark of a volatile phase. Many forex traders prefer a trading strategy with increased volatility because it provides additional trading chances.
When the currency pair’s price abruptly departs from support and resistance levels, this is called a “breakout.” To use this method, you must initiate your FX position exceptionally early in the new trend and set your stop-loss order the instant the market breaks out.

Momentum Trading Strategy


Momentum Trading Strategy
Momentum trading concentrates on a trend’s strength rather than just the trend itself. Beginner traders prefer this method, believing a trend will move in the same direction. If you choose to employ this approach, you will begin trading when the trend picks up steam and discontinue it when the trend begins to wane.
Period, volume and volatility should be put into consideration when determining momentum. The indicators that are usually used with this method are RSI, momentum indicator, stochastic oscillator and, MAs, and stochastic oscillator. However, note that the market sentiment has a huge impact on momentum. Forex prices can be greatly affected by economic events and news.

Price Action Trading

Price action trading focuses on making choices according to the price fluctuations of an item instead of adding technical indicators such as RSI, MACD, or Bollinger Bands. You might use many price action tactics, including breakouts, reversals, and primary and complex candlestick patterns.
A price action strategy typically excludes technical indicators, although if it does, they should only be used as a supplementary tool and not as the strategy’s primary focus. Since moving averages may be used to identify trends, some traders use them as simple indicators.
The advantages of price action trading include the maintenance of clear charts and a reduced possibility of information overload. Multiple indicators on a chart might produce contradicting signals that can be confusing, especially for newcomers.

Range Trading Strategy


Range Trading Strategy

Range trading strategy is one of the strategies that work for beginners since it is simple. A market is in a “range” if it consistently fluctuates between two price levels. Then you could spot particular upward or downward patterns within that range.
With this approach, you will go long or short based on where the price is in that particular range – long in a rising trend and short in a falling one. Both short-term and long-term time frames are possible for this to occur. You can manually place trades within this range, establish limits, and stop orders.

Carry Trade Strategy


The aim of this approach is to help you make money from the differences in interest rate of two currencies in a currency pair. There are two currency carry trading approaches: positive and negative. The first involves borrowing money at a low-interest rate and then buying money at a high-interest rate. The opposite is valid for an unfavorable currency to carry trade.
Your outcome will differ for positive and negative carry trades since you’ll have to pay interest on the position until the base interest rate surpasses the quoted rate. Positive carry trades give net gain at the beginning with a potential loss while negative carry trades give a net loss at the beginning and a potential gain at the end.


Adopting successful methods is essential for beginners entering the world of Forex trading. Beginners can handle the complexity of the currency markets using the five tactics described in this article as a solid foundation and launching point. You can also find any share market tutor in Kolkata for more knowledge. Doing this will increase earnings and help you establish a solid financial base. You will also be able to increase your trading success over time by being persistent, patient, and committed to continued education.

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